Summer hikes in Jotunheimen

Jotunheimen in summer is a true paradise for nature and outdoor enthusiasts. Let the bright days and mild nights lure you onto trails surrounded by blooming mountain flora and buzzing life. Experience how the sun reflects in the mountain lakes, breathing life into magnificent landscapes on both short and long hikes. Perfect for those seeking peace of mind and looking to recharge in nature's impressive backdrop. The beauty of Jotunheimen will surely fill every step you take along the way.



Galdhøpiggen can usually be climbed from Spiterstulen in three ways: Easy - Difficult - Extreme



Glittertind in Jotunheimen has an elevation of 2452 meters above sea level, making it Norway's second-highest mountain.


Eventyrisen in Svellnosbreen

Svellnosbreen with Eventyrisen in a fantastic experience for old and young. It is one of the few glaciers in Norway where you can walk around towers and into crevasses.