The most popular choices

Galdhøpiggen (2469 m)

4–5 timer opp – 2,5 timer ned – Steady pace without breaks, we estimate around 9 hours in total. Can be ascended without a guide in good weather. Alternatively, continue down the "Porten" route, over Storjuvbreen, Illåbreen, and Tverråbreen, or descend via Svellnosbreen into Visdalen. Another option is to visit the "Piggen" on the route between Spiterstulen and Juvasshytta.

Glittertind (2452 m)

5-6 hours plus descent - can be ascended without a guide in good weather. Glitterheim - Glittertind - Spiterstulen or Glitterheim - Spiterstulen via Skautflye (approximately 5 hours).

Eventyrisen in Svellnosbreen

Daily guiding from Spiterstulen, usually starting at 10. Two hours to the base of the glacier, we put on crampons and rope up, then spend about two hours on the glacier. Two hours of hiking in a blue adventure through narrow crevasses and over dark abysses in an unreal world of ice and snow and blue cathedrals.