Eventyrisen in Svellnosbreen

Svellnosbreen with Eventyrisen in a fantastic experience for old and young. It is one of the few glaciers in Norway where you can walk around towers and into crevasses. The nuances of blue are endless. Sometimes we might come across a cave or a needle eye. Our guides are experienced and prioritize safety, but they aim to create an exciting and diverse trip. The age limit for tours is 7 years.

The trip is designed to be suitable for everyone and is considered an introduction to the world of ice. We can also offer longer and more challenging tours, or facilitate contact with others who have equipment for this.

Another alternative that is widely used in summer is the "Glacier - Piggen" route. The tour goes through the glacier fall and across the flat glacier. At the foot of Galdhøpiggen, we depart from the glacier before ascending the summit via a steep slope with an elevation gain of about 600 meters. The age limit for the longer options is 12 years.

Svellnosbreen with the Eventyrisen is a spectacular experience for both adults and children (7-8 hours). There are also guided tours to Galdhøpiggen and other peaks in the area during the main season.

There are many operators who lead this tour, and one that we often use is Spiterstulen Bre,- og fjellføring.


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