A paradise for mountain-enthusiasts

Spiterstulen lis situated 1111 meters above sea-level, by the old road through Visdalen in Lom. Spiterstulen was established in 1844 as a mountain farm, and the first separate extension for tourists was built in 1874. Mountain guiding to Galdhøpiggen for a fee has also been conducted since the mid-1800s.

Spiterstulen has been run by the Sulheim family since the beginning, and is still run by the family. Bjørn Andreas, Bodil and Tor Espen Ovesen are now the hosts.

Bjørn Andreas is 7. generation tourist host and is our head chef, personnel manager and general manager. He is well qualified for this with a certificate as a chef and training as a beer waiter.

Tor Espen is 8. generation of tourist hosts and is our restaurant manager, booking manager and reception manager. Tor Espen is a skilled waiter and a trained sommelier.

Bodil is responsible for cleaning and is actively involved in the decoration and design of the place. Bodil has extensive experience with this at Spiterstulen.

Our guest rooms range from small living rooms and family units with bathrooms to multi-bed rooms with bunk beds and shared laundry facilities. We have accommodation for approx. 280 guests. In addition, we have our own tent site and parking space for motorhomes with adjacent sanitary facilities and drinking water. There is an emptying station for toilets and gray water, and the possibility to fill fresh water.

The season at Spiterstulen is from around 15. March - around 1. May and from around 1. June - around 1. October.



Throughout seven generations, the place has been developed and modernized. However, the traditional character has been preserved with small and large houses gathered in courtyards.

Working in the mountains

Try working in the mountains, and gain some positive experiences that will become good lasting memories at the same time.

jobbe i fjellet


Spiterstulen sits at 1111 meters above sea-level by the tree-line in the sheltered and lush Visdalen.

School camp week

During the school camp week, we want you to have close contact with nature, learn about the mountains, practice teamwork, and socialize.