The taste of the mountain

We have a great kitchen with a Norwegian chef who prepares first-class food. The ingredients are from Norwegian agriculture, and the food emphasizes Norwegian traditions. Here we serve exciting flavors, such as nettle soup or a round and hearty cauliflower soup. You can also enjoy lamb that practically melts in your mouth, accompanied by a tasty, colorful ratatouille. Or how about tender chops with a fantastic apple and basil sauce? With us, the culinary experiences are many and memorable.

middag med gjest

Mountain food and coziness

As main suppliers to the kitchen, we can mention: Bama, Gilde, and Tine. A local and good distributor is Gudbrandsdalsmat, which offers many excellent and exciting products. We use some local products and preferably ingredients from Norway in general. As much as possible, we can guarantee that the meat is Norwegian.

The dining room has a pleasant atmosphere and a fabulous view into Visdalen and towards Galdhøpiggen. We have cheerful young people serving, and the option for wine with the meal. It's a great ending to the trip to watch the sun set over the mountains you've just hiked in.

We focus on traditional Norwegian food with exciting elements and pleasant surroundings. There's plenty of food available both in the cafeteria and the dining room - just as it should be at the mountain farm!

Bon appetitt and welcome to us!

Do you have food allergies?

We're happy to accommodate food allergies; please contact Bjørn Andreas in the kitchen or inform the reception when you arrive, and we'll find a solution together.