Accommodation at Spiterstulen

In the heart of Jotunheimen, surrounded by Norway's majestic mountain landscape, lies Spiterstulen Turisthytte - a paradise for mountain enthusiasts. This tradition-rich area, located 1111 meters above sea level in the lush Visdalen in Lom, has been a favorite starting point for both family trips and challenging mountain tours, including ascents of some of Norway's highest peaks.

For visitors seeking accommodation among the tourist lodges in Jotunheimen, Spiterstulen offers a great selection of options. From cozy cabins and family units with bathrooms to youth sections with bunk beds and shared facilities, there's something for every taste and need. With a capacity for around 220 guests, as well as facilities for tents and camper parking with necessary sanitary facilities, Spiterstulen is the perfect choice for a comfortable night after a long day in the mountains. The area around Spiterstulen is teeming with activity opportunities. For families, the valley offers rich flora experiences, babbling brooks, and historical mountain farm ruins, ideal for easy hikes. For the more adventurous, Spiterstulen offers access to advanced mountain tours and climbing, with nearby access to 17 of Norway's highest mountain peaks. The season at Spiterstulen in Jotunheimen extends from early March to May and from June to October, making it an attractive destination for both winter sports and summer vacations. Regardless of the season, Spiterstulen offers a break from everyday life; a place where you can breathe in the fresh mountain air deeply and enjoy homemade food with local ingredients after a day out in the wilderness. Spiterstulen stands as a testament to Jotunheimen's hospitality and is a key destination for those seeking accommodation among the tourist lodges in Jotunheimen.