Winter hikes in Jotunheimen

Experience the magical winter landscape of Jotunheimen from Spiterstulen. Explore challenging ski tours with panoramic views from snow-covered mountain peaks, climb over mighty and glistening glaciers, and fill your lungs with icy, fresh mountain air. Perfect for adventurous ski enthusiasts seeking silence or excitement in nature's majestic winter attire.

Aktiviteter Høgruta

Haute Route - Høgruta

The Jotunheimen Haute Route, or Høgruta as it's called, is a 5-6 day ski touring trip in the heart of Jotunheimen.



Galdhøpiggen can usually be climbed from Spiterstulen in three ways: Easy - Difficult - Extreme

Foto: Ingeborg Mjanger
Foto: Ingeborg Mjanger


Glittertind in Jotunheimen has an elevation of 2452 meters above sea level, making it Norway's second highest mountain.