Autumn hikes in Jotunheimen

Explore Jotunheimen in the enchanting beauty of autumn from Spiterstulen. Enjoy crystal-clear days with fresh mountain air, and witness how the landscape transforms with golden, orange, and red hues. Wander along trails winding through a vibrant tapestry of heather, leaves, and moss, with panoramic views of mountain lakes and deep valleys. Hiking in Jotunheimen's impressive surroundings in autumn provides tranquility for both body and soul.

På toppen av Norges høyeste fjell, Galdhøpiggen i solnedgang.
Foto: Ingeborg Mjanger


Galdhøpiggen can usually be climbed from Spiterstulen in three ways: Easy - Difficult - Extreme

Utsikt fra Glittertind og østover.
Foto: Ingeborg Mjanger


Glittertind in Jotunheimen has an elevation of 2452 meters above sea level, making it Norway's second-highest mountain.