Summer at Spiterstulen

Spiterstulen in the summer offers spectacular nature experiences and activities for both adults and children. Discover a network of trails among Norway's highest mountains and enjoy breathtaking views from majestic peaks. Indulge in delicious meals based on local ingredients and relax in charming cabins and rooms. Whether you prefer leisurely day hikes or longer treks from cabin to cabin, you'll find perfect opportunities for unforgettable nature experiences at Spiterstulen in Jotunheimen.


Summer in the mountains

The landscape between Norway's highest peaks offers both short hikes and challenging ascents as well as long treks.



Olsok - 29.7

Our summer festival is celebrated on Olsok, when summer is truly in full bloom. It is an intimate and pleasant evening where we gather in the cellar lounge after dinner.


Eventyrisen in Svellnosbreen

Svellnosbreen with Eventyrisen in a fantastic experience for old and young. It is one of the few glaciers in Norway where you can walk around towers and into crevasses.



Mountain climbing is a popular outdoor activity for those seeking adventure and wanting to explore nature in a unique way.