Summer in the mountains

We wish everyone welcome

Spiterstulen has long traditions of mountain activities, and we have great offers for both children, teenagers, and adults. The landscape between Norway's highest peaks offers both short hikes and challenging ascents as well as long treks. In bad weather, Visdalen offers shelter and great conditions for short walks and other activities. It's a great area for both families with children and experienced climbers.

During the peak season, there is close collaboration with the guide company "Spiterstulen Bre,- og Fjellføring". They often offer two tour options led by knowledgeable and skilled guides. During the tours, the guide shares information about history, culture, and other relevant topics.

Svellnosbreen with the "Fairytale ice" is a spectacular adventure for both adults and children, and the guides lead daily trips to Galdhøpiggen and Svellnosbreen.

The guides hold a guide hour every evening during the season at 21:00 at Spiterstulen. Registration or inquiries about tours are made to, and more information can be found on the wbsite for Spiterstulen bre- og fjellføring.

There are great opportunities for relaxation, socializing, and shared joy. We have spacious and inviting lounges suitable for both large and small groups, accommodating various sizes of gatherings. At our place, everyone should find opportunities for peace and coziness, a break from everyday life, and inspiration for new days.

Cultural performances, games, and dancing on certain evenings.

Welcome to the mountains!