Galdhøpiggen can usually climb in three ways from Spiterstulen: Kind – Hard – Extreme, from Juvasshytta goes very nice route over the glacier, but it runs fine here with “young hikers” down for 6-7 years of age if they are motivated. We go to camp 6-7 steps every week.


The tour starts in the woods and takes you through the whole mountain and the challenges it requires. It is worth mentioning that the trip not only reach one, but three peaks over 2,000 meters! Over the bridge at Spiterstulen and slightly to the right. There follow a distinct path, it has been renovated by sherpas in 2010 due to high wear, and we ask why people follow the label. Furthermore, you go over a relatively nice area. before you have to tackle with some loose gravel. After the gravel is a nice climb over the snow and watch before you come Svellnose. When you will come to the bottom of Kailhaus top, you can lose a little “pep” but this is a fantastic slope! At the top you can see over the top of the goal – Galdhøpiggen and see that it is achievable! A little down and final climb is aløtid heavy but rewarding. At the top you can see 1/4 of Southern Norway on a nice day!


This is the trip you would take a lead from Spiterstulen. The tour starts at the farm, which they all do … Over the bridge and left, then follow the path to Svellnosbreen up to the glacier’s edge. This trip will differ slightly from a normal glacier because here one must take into account the circumstances. While those who are on the glacier is a trip to the glacier, one might choose a different perhaps shorter trip through the formation of this trip. Then you go over the flat glacier before arriving Galdhøpiggen feet! There is a well-deserved break before you really climb the top with about 400 meters in an hour! A great way to reach the top on!


This is the trip for experienced hikers. Adhering to that of the glacier, but on top of the moraine break, out of the front Tverråtindane. Then walk around and up on this before it comes back around Tverråtindane – Ymelstind – Storjuvtind before landing on Galdhøpiggen and down again on Kailhau and Svellnose (there are 8 of 2000 on a trip …) This trip requires a pair like abseiling , so it might be smart to talk to people at the reception of Spiterstulen.


It is possible to climb to the top from the “gate”, but we recommend a good knowledge and climb out of this. But we want to refer to the course and Climbing Guide for Jotunheimen that can be bought.

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