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Welcome to the Varden School in Mountain Spiterstulen. We are located in the middle of Jotunheimen, between Galdhøpiggen and Glitterati. We have been camp since 1963 and welcomes students from middle school and elementary school 6 and 7 grades. The course extends over six days, including arrival and departure. Winter courses are held in the period from February to May. Dryland Course 20 May – 20 June and 20 August – 1 november. During camp week, we want you to get closer to nature, learn about the mountain exercise in cooperation and social cohesion. We also place emphasis on developing self-discipline and be physically active. Spiterstulen is Visdalen, ranging from Bøverdalen into Visbreen. Visdalen begins as a lush skogsdal and ends up in the mountains. This provides opportunities for walking as well on the glaciers and mountains in a wooded area where we find shelter from the weather. The journey goes through the Otta train station in Gudbrandsdalen, through the traditional villages and Lom Lom and so on private mountain road over the last 18 kilometers. From the West, drive over the road or Sognefjell Strynefjellsveien to Lom and so on up to Spiterstulen. See map ..

Travel Distances:

  • Oslo – Spiterstulen: about 370 km
  • Bergen – Spiterstulen: about 430 km
  • Trondheim – Spiterstulen: approximately 325 km
  • Otta – Spiterstulen: about 90 km
Cooperation and close contact with nature is central when in camp with us at Varden Mountain School.
Our house rules are that you, the student will have a most enjoyable and educational stay with us at Varden Mountain School.
Equipment List Varden Mountain School.
Spiterstulen is located at 1,100 meters at the forest border deep into the warm and lush Visdalen.
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