History: Varden fjellskole (1863-2023)

Between 1863 and 2021, we could welcome you to Varden Mountain School at Spiterstulen. We were located in the heart of Jotunheimen, between Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind. We had been running a camp school since 1963 and received students from junior high school and the 6th and 7th grades of primary school. The course lasted for 6 days, including arrival and departure days. The winter courses were held from February to May. The bare ground courses were from May 20 to June 20 and from August 20 to November 1.


Such was the description of Varden fjellskole:

During the school camp week, we want you to have close contact with nature, learn about the mountains, practice teamwork, and socialize. We also emphasize developing self-discipline and being physically active. Spiterstulen is located in Visdalen, which stretches from Bøverdalen to Visbreen. Visdalen starts as a lush forest valley and ends in high mountain terrain. This offers opportunities for hikes on glaciers and mountains as well as in forested areas where we can find shelter from the weather. The journey goes via Otta train station in Gudbrandsdalen, through the traditional villages of Vågå and Lom, and then on a private mountain road for the last 18 kilometers. From the west, the journey goes over Sognefjellsveien or Strynefjellsveien to Lom and then onwards up to Spiterstulen.



Oslo–Spiterstulen: ca. 370 km, Bergen–Spiterstulen: ca. 430 km, Trondheim–Spiterstulen: ca. 325 km, Otta–Spiterstulen: ca. 90 km

Call-time for students 18.15–19.00


Varden was clised due to a number of different reasons in 2023. Varden will probably not reopen, even though the hospitality team at Spiterstulen is trying to find interested partners, teachers, educators, and mountain people. We thank you for many wonderful years as a camp school, and we hope those who have had the pleasure of visiting us carry with them good memories and experiences.

Our rules

  1. Be precise at mealtimes and for classes.
  2. From bedtime at 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM, it should be quiet everywhere.
  3. Keep your room and shared areas clean and tidy.
  4. No smoking, candles or open flames,
  5. Ball throwing and outdoor play should take place on the meadow near the bathing pond, but not by the river. Do not go outside the camp area on your own.
  6. Do not enter unauthorized houses or rooms, and do not wear boots or studded shoes indoors.
  7. Be considerate and behave appropriately, be helpful and kind to your friends, and show respect to the staff, teachers, and leaders.