Camping area at Spiterstulen

Our camping area is located across the bridge, on the other side of the river. Here, we have a simple service house with two showers, an outdoor toilet, and a kitchen equipped with two electric plates and seating. This facility is only connected to summer water. However, you can also use the service house located on the same side of the river as the cabins, where there is access to fresh water for drinking and cooking. We have a designated area for tents and camper vans approximately 200 meters north of the buildings, which is set up for camping, with only an outdoor toilet available there. There are parking spaces for camper vans close to the parking lot, with the possibility of electricity connection. You can also use the service house at the parking lot, where there are facilities for water refilling and a dumping station for toilets and graywater.

The tent fee and information are arranged at the reception desk at Spiterstulen.

Visdalsvegen - The Visdalen road

The road is a private mountain road, steep and narrow, and is not open for free passage for buses, trailers, or caravans. Access is by appointment only; failure to comply will result in turning back and driving down again. Any rescue fees are at the individual's expense. Toll charges are automatic and can be paid either at the machine in the parking lot at Spiterstulen or online. Camper vans have designated spots in the parking lot with electrical outlets. There are a limited number of spaces available. We have facilities for emptying toilets and access to water for refilling vehicles. Camping near the vehicle is also possible, a short distance from the parking lot. This camping area does not have fresh water but does have a small outdoor toilet. Therefore, you need to walk a couple of hundred meters to reach the restroom facility. Please note that we advise against using river water for drinking or cooking as it is glacier water.