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Spiterstulen is situated at 1111 meters above sea level. Around the middle of the 19th century, it was extended with one guest room where the travellers stayed overnight, and there was also organized guided tours to Galdhøpiggen. Spiterstulen was an outfarm for the family farm Nigard Sulheim and has been extended and modernized for several generations. The old cozy feeling is taken care of with small and large houses gathered around. In the lush valley you will find a rich flora, bobbely streams, corrupted animal captive graves and legendary sites. The area offers great activities and tours for families, but also advanced mountain tours with access to 17 of the highest peaks in Norway. Guest rooms vary from small rooms, bigger rooms or family rooms with private bathrooms to youth wards with bunk beds and shared laundry facilities.



Our tent area is over the bridge, across the river. Here we have a single service house with two showers, outhouse and a cooking room with two single electric plates and seating areas. This house is only connected to summer water. But you can also use the service house that is on the same side of the river as the main houses, here is also freshwater for drinking and cooking.

We have a tent and camper area about 200 meters north of the settlement, which is designed for camping. There is only outhouse here.

There are places for motor homes close to the parking lot, with the possibility of electricity. You can also use the service house in the parking lot. We have possibilities for water refueling and drainage station for toilet and gray water.

Charges and information can be arranged at the reception at Spiterstulen.


The road is private mountain road, it is steep and narrow and is not open for free by bus, car trailer or caravan. It is only by arrangement, if not followed, you must turn back down. Any rescue fee is at your own expense. Tolls are paid at the reception at Spiterstulen.

Motor homes have their own space in the parking lot with power outlets. There are limited seats. We have arranged the possibility of emptying the toilet and access to water for filling the cars.

We also have the option of camping by car, motor home or tent, a short distance from the parking lot. This campsite does not have fresh water but a small outhouse. You must therefore walk a few hundred meters to get to the sanitary facility here.

Please note that we warn strongly against using the river water for drinking or cooking because it is glacier water.

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